Boy, 8, left ‘screaming in agony’ after breaking collarbone at kid’s play scheme

A young boy was left “screaming in pain” after breaking his collarbone at a play scheme.

Little Alfie was found in absolute agony at Trelogan Community Centre where staff allegedly failed to call an ambulance and simply handed him an ice pack.

Dad Neil Watts received a call one hour into Alfie’s two-hour play session asking him to come and collect his son because he was crying.

Staff explained that he had been injured following an incident with another child but were unable to say what had happened, Neil claims.

The furious dad said he rushed back to the play centre to find his son screaming in agony.

“When I got there I could hear him screaming in pain and he was sitting there with an ice pack on his collarbone,” he told North Wales Live.

“He was clearly in absolute agony and I was trying to calm him down but my priority at that point was to get him checked out.”

Neil whisked Alfie to A&E where x-rays showed a clean break to his collarbone.

He said: “When we went to the hospital, they said the staff should’ve called an ambulance straight away.

“The supervisors hadn’t given him any form of first aid apart from the ice pack, which I find very concerning.”

In addition to their alleged failure to act, Neil said that the exact cause of Alfie’s injury remained a mystery.

“When I spoke to the supervisors they said they hadn’t actually seen what had happened because both members of staff were tidying up,” he added.

Flintshire Council is in charge of running the summer play scheme in Trelogan, Wales, where Alfie was injured on July 21.

A spokesperson said: “The council takes any concerns extremely seriously and is currently investigating this incident to ascertain exactly what happened.”

Neil told how he contacted the local authority after learning about the extent of Alfie’s injuries because he was concerned about the care his son had received.

But the dad claims he is yet to receive an explanation.

He continued: “The supervisors have a duty of care to look after those children. But I also think the council’s response has been woeful.

“It’s been weeks since this happened and there’s still no outcome, it’s laughable.

“And they are now refusing to provide updates on the situation as there is apparently an ongoing investigation.

“This happened two days into my son’s summer holidays which have been completely ruined.

“I just want to warn others to make sure that another child and family doesn’t have to go through this.”